3 Tips To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind!

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"Your subconscious mind goes hand in hand with manifestation."

-Hannah Priore


How Can I Help You?

So your probably here because you want to learn how to manifest and have results, am I right? Well there is a science to manifestation which I have been studying and implementing for approximately 6 years now. There is a lot of hype and information out there and unfortunately, most of that info keeps people going in circles and circles. They want to make the law of attraction work for them and manifest what they want into reality, but they are still having a challenging time with it.

What is the difference with the approach I use?


I create a Custom Manifestation Plan for you based upon your particular situation and how you perceive the world through your own lenses. I will be very transparent with you. Everyone is different and the cookie cutter approach is not an effective model for this.

No matter how much we might have in common, we all see the world through our own unique eyes and your childhood and life is a unique experience to you. Therefore, it requires a customized approach for your particular situation since you have an individual subconscious imprint.

I have used the most potent and effective types of manifestation/healing techniques and I will let you know what will work best for you personally.

Here is what your First Consulting Session will look like w/ me:

We will spend 15-20 minutes via Skype or on the phone going over your life and certain experiences based upon the questions I ask you.

I will feel and check to see what type of subconscious blocks you have that are preventing you from your goals and desires.

I will let you know if there is a certain type of healing methodology that you will need to use to clear your energy field.

Then I will create a custom manifestation plan for you, kind of how a doctor prescribes a plan for you.

That will be the end of our 40 min consulting session.

If it resonates with you, it is then recommended to do the weekly, Bi-weekly or monthly follow ups depending upon what works for you.

Are your listening ears on?


I don't know if a breakthrough is something that you really want in your life. I mean imagine what would happen if you were able to get down to your deepest darkest subconscious roadblocks and what is impeding your progress and literally brush them away.

You probably already know and hear the voice inside of you that's telling you that you deserve more happiness and fulfillment and you feel like you should address this voice inside finally. You probably have been looking for a solution and you know that it's out there but you don't know how to come across that. 

Would you be surprised if you seeing this testimonial right now means that you are actually in the right place at the right time to finally have your subconscious healing breakthrough inside your life?

I personally wouldn't tell you to do this just for the sake of doing this, if it hadn't helped me.

I was at the point in my life where I needed to clear all the debris and junk that had been holding me back from being fulfilled. 

Money wasn't doing it and my relationship just kept getting worse.

You are almost out of fuel, your GPS is broken, and the current is too strong for you to be able to navigate through this alone any longer. You seeing this video is essentially your reassurance that you found that lighthouse. I hope you are feeling gratitude because this is who finally helped me achieve my fulfillment and for you to come across Hannah will help you get to the next step in your life that will change your life.

My personal experience dealing with Hannah and talking to her is not really a conversation that can be formulated and summarized when it comes to using words and the language that we have. The reason that is so is that when I speak to Hannah, it is not speaking to another person. It is not having a normal conversation.

Speaking to Hannah is speaking directly to my soul.

When I talk to her, she's able to connect with what's really on the inside of me and every time I have a session with her, I always have a new breakthrough which always takes me to higher places inside my life. I have left such a long review because I am very grateful for all that she has helped me with. I can't tell you what you will experience but what I can say is this is not a coincidence that you have stumbled upon finding her. 

I don't even know if a breakthrough is a right terminology to use.

When you have somebody that can find out and bring out of you the hidden barriers that have been within you, a breakthrough is such an understatement because it is on such a deeper level than that. There are really not words that are applicable to describe what you are about to experience.

I'm not going to tell you that you have to do this but I am going to tell you that you not doing this has ramifications beyond what you can comprehend.

You not working on your soul and subconscious with her will not allow you to experience true fulfillment like you deserve. I can't wait to have my next session with her so I can follow along and listen to every suggestion, recommendation and word she says! 

I hope this review has helped you decide and I hope you enjoy your session with Hannah. 

Terrance Collins

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Why Should You Listen To Me?

“Conscious Speaker” Hannah Priore, is a modern day Warrior. Facing many hardships growing up in the city of Tucson she could have given up on life from the very beginning. She experienced sexual abuse at a young age and dealt with parents who had an unhealthy marriage. She started providing counseling to her parents at the age of 6 and she taught kids in elementary school during recess about God and spirituality. She began to face extreme depression in 6th grade when she was faced with bullying because of her mom's skin color. From overdosing to homelessness, low self-worth, and pain, Hannah graduated from high school and went on to be a hairstylist. Then she ventured off into different fields to see what she enjoyed best.

Hannah has researched, studied and used the most potent and effective types of healing methodologies for mind, body, and spirit and she has helped guide people into their personal well being.

Today, Hannah is a Speaker, Consultant, Healer, Internet Marketer, and Mind Expert. This expertise in life allows Hannah to deliver messages that have Lasting Impact, Change, and Personal Inspiration.

Hannah Priore is a multi-talented, skilled, passionate and inspirational spirit. Her presence alone is exhilarating and comforting. Hannah is always full of fruitful and positive energy and just being around her motivates and enlightens people both mind body and spirit. She is very eager to share what she has learned to expand your awareness with all that life has to offer. Her main passion is helping people transform their lives and helping people remember the power that is within them.