1 Way To Release Toxins & Reprogram Yourself

This Is EXTREMELY Effective!

Essential Oils Have A Very High Vibration So That's What We Will Be Utilizing For This Technique.
Place Melaleuca (Tea Tree Essential Oil) On Your Spine & Rub It In Thoroughly.
Focus Your Intent Upon Healing Something Specific That You Are Dealing With.

Allow The Essential Oil To Perform Its Magic.

If You Are Unable To Place The Essential Oil On Your Spine Then Place It At The Bottom Of Your Feet.
Anytime You Are Not Sure Where To Place Essential Oils, Just Place It At The Bottom of Your Feet. Your Body Then Distributes It Evenly Throughout & Wherever You Might Need Help.


As You Begin To Process You Might Notice Emotions Come Up Inside Your Body.
DO NOT Hold These Emotions In. Release It. It Must Come Out.

If You Do Not Feel Anything, That Is Okay As Well.

Create A Habit By Utilizing The Same Essential Oil For The Whole Month Every Day & You Will Notice Much More Energy Within Your Body & Field.

The Essential Oils Will Start To Reform Your DNA Blueprints According To The Essential Oil & Your Body Will Love You For This.

Blessings My Kings & Queens!

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