3 Ways To Eliminate Self-Sabotage

#1 Stop Suppressing Your Authentic Feelings.

Allow yourself to express how you really feel inside. If you are angry, let it out. If you are sad, let it. Allow those emotions come to the surface fully. If you are still mad about an old event, allow yourself to remember the event fully with your eyes closed and now you can make a mature decision viewing both perspectives from both parties. If you don't allow yourself to feel the emotion, then it will be suppressed and create an energy block within you.

#2 Create The Emotions of Pain & Pleasure Within Yourself.

As an example: say if you hate working out. Allow yourself to visualize the way that you will look if you decide to not work out. Create the visual as real as possible and then allow yourself to experience the feelings that would occur if you looked that way. Next, create a visual in your mind of how amazing you will feel if you do a workout. Create the visual as real as possible and allow yourself to experience the sensational feelings you will feel because you were consistent with your workouts. Practice this exercise 3XS a day by going back and forth between pain and pleasure emotions.


#3 Imprint The Pain & Pleasure Daily.

Be in the habit of being Consistent Daily. Taking days off does not benefit your subconscious mind. Imprint going back and forth between the pain visual and pleasure visual daily.

Let me know if this helped you! 🙂

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