Ancient Secret! Shhhh

Trust Me. None of These Experts Will Tell You This Secret Unless You Spend Thousands of Dollars With Them!

But You Deserve To Know This & I Am Giving It To You For Free!


Let Me Cut To The Chase. Here's The Deal.
Get Ready For Profound Ancient Wisdom That Will Be Delivered To Your Subconscious Mind.

Unless You Are Using A Specific Detox Method (which I use to heal people)
You Will Need To Release Your Emotions In This Specific Method.
When You Start To Feel Sadness or Any Type of Emotions Hitting You, Here Is What You Want To Do:

Lay Down on Your Bed With Your Feet Together & Arms Stretched Out To Your Sides. Feel The Emotions Coming & Say "Relinquish"

ONCE The Emotions Start Releasing & You Start To Cry or Shake, Open Your Legs (as in the picture) & Extend Your Arms Above You (as in the picture) & Let All The Emotions Flood OUT of You. Chant "I Surrender" Until The Emotions Leave.

If You Are Intune With Energy, You Will Start To Feel Your Emotional Body Release Out Of You & You Will Feel a Huge Relief. If You Don't Feel Anything That Is Okay Too.

This Is How The Ancients Released Any Crying, Sadness or Depression out of Them.

Let me know if this helped you! 🙂

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