As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.

Have You Ever Wondered What That Quote Really Means?

It Means: Whatever You Impress In Your Subconscious Mind, That Becomes Expressed On The “Screen of Space.” As In Heaven ( your own mind), So On Earth (in your body & environment). This Is The Greatest Secret of Ages From The Ancients.
This Is The Great Law of Life.
Look No Further. This Is It.
If You Look, You Will Find Throughout All Of Nature The Law of Action & Reaction. These Two Must Balance, Then You Will Finally Be Able To Experience Harmony.
You Have Been Put Here To Let This Life Principle Flow Through You Harmoniously.

All Your Frustration Is Due To Unfulfilled Desire.
Think About It. If You Think Negatively & Destructively Then These Thoughts Generate Destructive Emotions & Those Emotions Must Be Expressed & It Must Find An Outlet. Since These Emotions Are of a Negative Nature, People Will See It Appear In Their Physical World Such As Tension, Disease & Symptoms.
How Do You Honestly Feel About Yourself Right Now?

Every Part of Your Being Expresses How You Currently Feel About Yourself At This Exact Moment In The Here & Now. Your Body, Financial Condition, and Friends Represent a Perfect Reflection of The Idea That Is Currently Impressed In Your Subconscious Mind & What Is Expressed In All Phases of Your Life.

These Beliefs Came About At An Early Age In Life & Have Stayed If The Beliefs Have Not Been Removed. We Also Mess Ourselves Up By The Negative Ideas We Entertain.
You Must Remove These Beliefs & Feed Your Subconscious Mind Life Giving Thoughts. This Is The True Way To The Power That Is Within You.

Your Subconscious Mind Is The Smartest Computer In The World.
Don’t Allow It To Control You Any Longer.

Raise Your Awareness & Reclaim Your Birthright Power.

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