“Raising Your Awareness Speaker” Hannah Priore, is a modern day Warrior. Facing many hardships growing up in the city of Tucson she could have given up on life from the very beginning. She experienced sexual abuse at a young age and dealt with parents who had an unhealthy marriage. She started providing counseling to her parents at the age of 6 and she taught kids in elementary school during recess about God and spirituality. She began to face extreme depression in 6th grade when she was faced with bullying because of her mom's skin color. From overdosing to homelessness, low self-worth, and pain, Hannah graduated from high school and went on to be a hairstylist. Then she ventured off into different fields to see what she enjoyed best. Today, Hannah is a Speaker, Consultant, Healer, Internet Marketer, and Mind Expert. This expertise in life allows Hannah to deliver messages that have Lasting Impact, Change, and Personal Inspiration.

Hannah Priore is a multi-talented, skilled, passionate and inspirational spirit. Her presence alone is exhilarating and comforting. Hannah is always full of fruitful and positive energy and just being around her motivates and enlightens people both mind body and spirit. She is very eager to share what she has learned to expand your awareness with all that life has to offer. Her main passion is helping people transform their lives and helping people remember the power that is within them.


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